Monday, December 18, 2023

A Holly Molly Christmas

Every gay of a certain age squealed with delight when Molly Ringwald posted this party photo, featuring the likes of Debbie Harry, Parker Posey, Cindy Sherman and more!

mollyringwald: The best ingredient for a dinner party? Love. It was in abundance this night. I cherish these people. 🥰

jayne_edosalon Just hanging with Debbie Harry no big whoop ❤️

mollyringwald @jayne_edosalon She is pure gold.

Imagine getting a copy of "Making Tracks" from Debbie herself!

marinarust: I sense a theme here 🤔

mollyringwald: @marinarust Debbie brings Xmas ornaments and this year we got Blondie merch!


joanjulietbuck Now tell about the food, I know the chef and admire his skill.

mollyringwald @joanjulietbuck So delish. When I was thinking of where to book I thought 'where was the last truly delicious dinner I had?🤔' It was Chez Zac of course.

The hostesss with the mostess
Because deep down, we're all Anthony Michael Hall.