Friday, May 5, 2023

Brooke Shields remembers Keith Haring

I've been on a bit of a Brooke kick since watching the documentary about her on Hulu, and even listened to her on Rosie O'Donnell's podcast and Rosie on Brooke's. 

I never saw a second of "Suddenly Susan" (1996-2000) when it originally aired -- I wasn't a "must-see TV" kind of guy -- but am watching the reruns now and it definitely has its moments. Brooke's timing is surprisingly good in this '90s attempt at "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and I was surprised to learn that Kathy Griffin was playing herself -- albeit a Jewish version. (I guess there were no Jewish actresses in Hollywood back then!) I suppose all sitcom actors basically get cast to play themselves -- as I learned when I ran into Joyce DeWitt at the Post Office years ago, where she took charge of the lobby like it was a flower shop in Santa Monica -- but Kathy might take it to another level. And you can also never go wrong with Barbara Barrie -- have loved her since "Barney Miller," "Breaking Away" and especially "Double Trouble"! -- who is now 91.

Last night might have been the best episode yet, when Gate staff photographer Luis Rivera (Néstor Carbonell) ended up in front of the camera for an underwear advertisement! Dreading the demise of David Strickland, who is just so adorable as music critic Rain "Todd" Stites. I know the show's ratings tanked the second it wasn't on after "Seinfeld," but so far it's a fun watch with plenty of dated gay references that probably seemed modern at the time and lots of mancandy.