Tuesday, March 17, 2020

11 Times Lyle Waggoner's Hunkiness Stole the Show

When it was announced that actor Lyle Waggoner had died yesterday at the age of 84, I was reminded of all the fond memories I had watching him on "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Wonder Woman," and the tingly feeling little Kenny got as a boy without really understanding why. Now in my early 50s, it also reminded me that my boyfriend and I have been taking screenshots of his various beefcake roles on "Carol & Company" reruns -- of which I give you 11 of his finest!

1. Lyle left Lucille Ball saying “Desi, who?” in a reverse "Some Like It Hot"

2. Carol's husband, Roger, isn't very happy when Lyle comes by to run lines for a community production of "A Streetcar Named Desire"

3. A badly wounded Jim Nabors, who must have been creaming in his corduroys, can't seem to hold Nurse Carol's attention once Lyle comes into the examination room

4. Carol and a friend (Imogene Coca) pose as husband and wife to get a couples discount on a charter flight -- but Mr. Carol almost blows their cover when Lyle goes to check them in and she can't stop checking him out

5. I wonder why Chiquita wants to have "relations" with Mark Spitz, in his patriot Speedo and gold medals

6. Harvey Korman's hairdresser can't keep his eyes -- or hands -- off Mr. Telegram Man

7. Mae West knows how to hire good help

8. Carol and Harvey don't know what to do with their young son, who looks like he's headed  to the Castro

9. Carol and her lunch date (Martha Raye) think they're too shy to enjoy a new Playboy Club-type restaurant for women, until their server shows up

10.  Tomboy Carol doesn't like boys ... until she meets this Cub scout

11.  Paul Lynde can barely keep it in his pants when filming a shaving cream commercial with this jock