Thursday, November 21, 2019

Meet Jaden Agassi

Embarrassing that Steffi homeschooled her kids, but kudos for getting into USC and signing a letter of intent to playvfor the Trojans baseball team.

Baseline notes that the right-handed pitcher will get to take the place of another tennis legacy on campus -- Tracy Austin's son Brandon Holt is currently a senior on the tennis team. In May, Holt was named the Pac-12 Singles Player of the Year. 

Perfect Game writes:
Jaden Agassi is a 2020 3B/RHP with a 6-3 212 lb. frame from Las Vegas, NV who is home schooled. Large, athletic frame with broad shoulders and long limbs, present strength to frame with additional room to develop moving forward. Primary third base, fields the ball out front and shows a quick transfer out of glove, funnels into compact arm action and works on top of the ball, shows nice carry and arm strength across the diamond, arm plays on the left side. Didn't pitch in this look but shows lot of potential on mound, up to 91 mph and continues to improve. Righthanded hitter, begins with an even stance and a high hand set and back elbow at the plate. Loads hands back at start of swing, shows a full path through the zone with extension out front. Strength to hands and utilizes a pull side approach, shows timing to swing and can continue to incorporate additional lower half into swing, jump coming off the barrel when squared. Excellent student.