Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Another day, another Jerry Falwell pool boy

Gordon Bello, aka Jesus Fernandez Jr.

The Miami Herald reports that Jerry Falwell Jr. has settled the Miami court case that laid out many of the details behind the South Beach real estate venture his family launched in 2013 with a former Fontainebleau pool attendant the evangelical leader and his wife met while on vacation. In a federal court filing, Falwell and the young lawyer who sued him, Gordon Bello -- previously known as Jesus Fernandez Jr. -- said they have settled the case for an undisclosed “monetary sum” that Falwell, the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, will pay Bello, a legislative aide for the Miami-Dade County Commission. 

Giancarlo Granda

Bello sued in 2017, claiming he was promised a stake in the South Beach hostel that a Falwell family entity purchased in 2013 for $4.7 million. Bello, 28, claims he and his father, Miami builder Jett Bello, pitched Falwell on the hostel idea after being introduced by Giancarlo Granda, a high school friend of the younger Bello’s.

Granda had met Jerry and Rebecca Falwell while they were vacationing at the Fontainebleau and he was working as what the Bello lawsuit later described dismissively as a “pool boy.”

No sooner did I learn about this settlement did this workout video from yet another one of Falwell's "special friends" -- in which this $2 MILLION MAN is wearing a "Rent's Due" T-shirt -- surfaced on Instagram. Truth in advertising wins the day!