Monday, September 23, 2019

Kroy Biermann Reveals Whether or Not Kim Zolciak Ate THAT Candy Thong

The former NFL star tempted the reality star beauty with sugar-spun twerks in a recent Instagram video.

SPEEDO KING Kroy Biermann recently rang in his 34th birthday by donning a skimpy thong made of candy during a trip to Las Vegas.

His wife, Kim Zolciak, documented the sweet affair -- including his sugar-spun twerks -- on her Instagram stories, but fans wanted to know what happened to the edible undergarment. Did she eat it?

"Well, you can't eat it after. You have to eat it while it's on. And it's not for guys. It's for the girls. The girls wear it and we're supposed to eat it," explained the former NFL player suggesting neither of them took a bite.

And the couple gave a few reasons for abstaining as the candy thong seemed to need a lot of adjusting around his nether regions during the impromptu strip tease. "He had to slide it down...very low just to have it fit the front. He came out and surprised me in it, which I thought was pretty cute. But it barely fit," detailed Zolciak.

"It pinched my balls," chimed in Biermann.

As for whether or not Biermann would be turning his confectionery choreography into profit with the Chippendales, Biermann exclaimed: "Chippendales?! They make money? I don't feel like they do. It would take A LOT of money."

Kim -- who for a change wasn't keen on appearing on camera as she chowed down on a burger -- quickly shut down the conversation with an abrupt "I wouldn't be around if he was swinging his dong around at night!"

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