Monday, August 5, 2019

Lydia Cornell Goes Home

The wonderful Lydia Cornell writes on her reliably thoughtful and liberal Facebook page that she was in San Fransisco to check in on her Aunt Rosie: 
"She refuses to allow anyone to help her and can’t remember the last time she ate. Her apartment faces the Golden Gate Bridge. She doesn’t want to leave as she has loved here since 1971. She lost her husband 5 years ago and they were as close as soulmates can get. They decided not to have kids because they wanted to devote their lives to each other as artists. They were inseparable." 

While in town, she made a trip over the house that was used as the exterior of the Casa de Rush, about which she writes:

Just visited the “Too Close for Comfort” house on Buena Vista Street in San Fransisco! Had the lucky coincidence (Godshot) of meeting the owner as she was walking up the drive. She invited me in and we had a delightful visit for over an hour! She has lived there since 1985. The house is no longer red. She is published author, psychologist and world traveler Lois Goodwill. 💜❤️🌺🦋💕💕💕🌺🤗😘

 The only way this could have been more adorable is if Monroe had dropped by ... preferably in his tight security-guard uniform!