Sunday, July 21, 2019

Mug Shot Monday (continued)

Yahoo Sports reports: 

On Tuesday, news broke of Abel Trujillo’s arrest on charges of felony sexual exploitation of a child.

Details of the arrest were sparse.

On Thursday, MMA Junkie reported details of the charges facing the 35-year-old former UFC lightweight.

Trujillo accused of repeatedly sexting high school girl

Trujillo stands accused of repeatedly sending images of his penis and videos of himself masturbating to a 16-year-old girl he friended on Instagram and Snapchat, according to the report that’s based on an arrest affidavit.

He knew she was underage, according to the report. The alleged victim told police that she believed he knew she was in high school.

Trujillo was arrested in Florida on May 24 on a traffic stop and extradited to Colorado on an arrest warrant, according to the report.

Trujillo allegedly leaned on celebrity status

The alleged victim reportedly told police that she initially accepted Trujillo’s social interaction because of his celebrity status. After establishing a relationship, Trujillo allegedly started sending explicit images, prompting the alleged victim to request that he stop.

She told police that she eventually blocked him, and that when she refreshed her social media accounts seven months later, he sent more nude photos, prompting her to contact police.

Trujillo allegedly requested nude photos

She told police that Trujillo asked to see nude pictures of her after seeing pictures of her in her cheerleading uniform on her Instagram page. She began cooperating with an investigation that involved her continuing to interact with Trujillo as police built their case, according to the report.

Police eventually gained access to Trujillo’s social media logins and traced them to the Thornton, Colorado apartment he shared with fellow MMA fighter Carrington Banks. Banks was not implicated in the alleged crimes. Dozen

s of photos of ‘nude young women’ Police executed a search warrant on the apartment on Jan. 19, according to the report. They seized Trujillo’s phone which contained dozens of photographs of “nude young women,” according to the affidavit.

Trujillo admitted to “multiple conversations with females under the age of 18” and told police he knew the alleged victim working with police was underage, according to the report. The affidavit also states that he admitted to requesting nude photos and sending explicit photos to the alleged victim.

Why Trujillo was free and eventually arrested in Florida four months after police in Colorado conducted the search warrant is not clear.

Trujillo compiled a 15-8 record as an MMA fighter with his last confirmed fight a Dec. 16, 2017 loss to John Makdessi at UFC on Fox 26.

Trujillo facing multiple felony charges

According to the report, Trujillo was released Wednesday on $10,000 bond from the Douglas County, Colorado jail where he had been detained since June 16. His arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 6, where he can enter a plea.

He faces separate felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and obscenity to a minor that each carry a sentence of 12 to 18 months in prison and a fine of $1,000 to $100,000.

Trujillo has twice been convicted on domestic abuse charges involving the mother of his children.