Thursday, June 20, 2019

Are you a size queen?

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What’s the big deal with penis size? Are you satisfied with yours? And, does size really matter?.. . This semi-rehash was prompted by a humorous article I came across yesterday in the Huffington Post (See Pics #2 and #3), entitled “Does ‘Summer Penis’ Exist? The Truth About Looking Bigger In The Heat”. The author admits there isn’t enough scientific evidence to provide a conclusive answer to her question, though some feel the entire proposition is a “pipe dream” (pun intended:).. . A 27 year old woman from Washington, DC, muses in the article that “If this is true, think of what the penises of 2050 will be like after the climate crisis/global warming. It’d be a ‘peen-pocalypse ’.”..:).. . As I’ve written before, I’ve never been a “size queen”, finding almost every member I’ve encountered up close perfectly adequate for the task at hand, except for two (an estimated success rate of 99.33%!). It may be an uncommon attitude among gay men, but I’m more put off by an unattractive dick than a smaller one (ugly versus pretty dicks is a topic for a separate discussion:).. . I’m always a bit amazed, and perplexed, by the apparently widespread obsession among men (not only gay ones) with genital size. I’ve had good friends who’ve felt inadequate in terms of what they were born with and, as a result, have dressed furtively at the gym so as not to display their package, lest others judge them for it. As viewers who also use gay meet-up apps, like Grindr and Scruff, will attest, it’s offputting, but not uncommon there, for the first outreach from someone new to appear in the form of unannounced and unsolicited “dick pics” in your inbox. . What’s your honest opinion of this? Does size matter to you?.. . I took today’s cover photo of a German fellow in Sitges, Spain in early September 2016, after I’d befriended him at Bear Week there. He filled out his Speedo quite copiously and, I might add, patriotically (from an American perspective), and allowed me to document that fact with this shot. The following year, he dispensed with his bathing suit altogether and strutted up and down the beach totally in the nude (while sporting a Prince Albert genital piercing).. . #35mm
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