Saturday, June 1, 2019

Aaron Schock: 'We Each Have Our Own Journey'

Note to Aaron Schock, if this is really you: The perspective of queer people has always been consistent and clear: Even those who “preach tolerance, acceptance and compassion” don't take kindly to having lawmakers vote to rob them of their rights, particularly when it is believed that said lawmaker was being hypocritical in his beliefs. If you think your coming out has been difficult, imagine someone’s parents finding out he/she is gay when they were booted from the U.S. military under “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which you voted to keep in place. Talk about humiliating. Whether you think you were “out” when you voted against LGBTQ rights is irrelevant as you are a gay man who surely knew what you were doing was shitty. If you truly don't stand by your past votes, then why not denounce them? 

The "hate" has always been about your anti-gay policies, not your party. But if you think the two are related, that's perhaps something you need to grapple with. HRC didn’t give you a zero rating because of your stance on taxes and regulations.


The man who shared the conversation vouched for its authenticity (make of that what you will) and says Schock is “fine” with it being posted.

UPDATE: An email coming from an AOL account purporting to be Aaron Schock denies that the conversation is real but I have my doubts. I will update as I learn more. I have a nagging suspicion this was a “test run” for when he decides to finally speak publicly, and that he’s distancing himself from this conversation now that he sees how people are reacting to it.

I subsequently sent the following email to Schock, to which he did not reply:

Do you have any comment for the LGBTQ community about where you stand on your sexuality, your voting record and what you plan for the future?


A staffer in Rep. LaHood’s office says he does plan to run for re-election in 2020.