Monday, May 13, 2019

I think Bammer47 had the hottest "first boyfriend" of all time!

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Do you remain in touch with your former partners (unless understandable factors intervene to drive you apart)? I’m in contact with all my exes and am close to several.. . My first “relationship” requires an asterisk (*) next to it. I didn’t really want it to happen. But, writer Jim Fragale pursued me relentlessly, after we met at the West Side YMCA in March 1979.. . The attention was flattering; I was leaving a banking job I hated and facing uncertainty; he was older (39 versus 26) and represented strength and stability. Oh, and our sex was amazing (even if he usually had to persuade tight-assed young me to have some wine or weed to loosen up and agree to go to bed with him.:)!.. . I recall Jim telling me “You’ll look back someday and realize how amazing this was!”. I’d say something like “Yeah, yeah! Keep telling yourself that old man!” But, I have to say, Jim was right. And, while discretion prevents me from describing some of his exceptional tricks in bed here, if we meet in person, I might be persuaded to disclose them.:).. . Three months after we met, I sublet my apt. to a friend and took off in my Celica on a 4 month voyage of discovery, “learning how to be gay”, while driving to California and back. When I returned in October, Jim and I took up where we’d left off.. . We were really more f__k buddies than boyfriends. We weren’t monogamous (at that time, almost no one was) and he didn’t spend much time with my friends or vice versa. But, our “dating” was steady & lasted another year, until I fell for Bill Masi, a handsome Zoli male model whose attention for several months swept me off my feet.. . Being with Jim those 18 months was my initial exposure to dating one guy for an extended period. I learned a lot I was able to use in my next relationship. . Jim and I still live near each other in the same neighborhood & see each other periodically.. . Today’s cover pic and the last photo are ones of Jim from magazines around 1980; #2 is him with his next partner after me; #3 is of us together in Key West; and #4 is Jim with Randy Jones, the cowboy in the original “Village People” band.. . #35mm
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Hubba, hubba! Wouldn't everything be a major letdown after this?!