Friday, May 17, 2019

Disgraced GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Snapped Chatting Poolside With Speedo-Clad Mystery Man

This was posted on the Instagram account of a NYC-based gay journalist, who was celebrating his birthday with his husband in L.A. this afternoon when he came upon this sight at my beloved Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. (Is this turd ever going to apologize?) I reached out to the birthday boy to see whether he said anything to Ms. Downton Abbey and he told me he decided not to.

I guess this poolside pickup is now REASON 26 we already knew Aaron Schock was gay ...

... even though he has insisted he is not, and that even asking was "ridiculous and inappropriate" ...

... because, you know, there's something shameful about being gay. (Even Dad says his son is just "different" but not gay.) 


I tracked down Aaron Schock's Speedo-clad "friend" and the young man was very kind to chat with me. He said he did know who Aaron was -- and when asked if he had any reservations about talking to the virulently anti-gay former U.S. representative, he replied:
"I saw him as a human being and engaged in a friendly conversation with him. He was nice to me so I was nice back. I obviously do not agree with his voting record."
The young man added that he hadn't hooked up with Schock -- not that it was any of my business(!) -- noting that the hunky hypocrite "isn't my type." He declined to say what his type was -- many of my friends and I are praying it's "daddies" -- which definitely is none of my business!

And here are some other recently discovered photos that aren't gay at all:

Playing dress-up at West Point (undated)

Making friends ...

Another undated pool photo I came across ...

At the 2014 Global Citizen Festival

How much do you want to bet Hugh Jackman got a piece of this? (Deborra-Lee Furness looks like she was just punched in the stomach.) 

At least he's a cat person (India 2014)

Maybe he at least asked him for forgiveness? Circa 2015.