Monday, April 22, 2019

NYP: ‘Easter bunny’ unleashes wild street beatdown

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Thumper sure can clobber.

A person wearing a full-body Easter bunny costume hopped to the rescue — unleashing a slapstick-style beatdown on a man on a Florida street, according to a viral video.

The hare-raising Easter Sunday footage, which looks plucked from a “Bad Santa” movie spin-off, shows the big white bunny pulling a shirtless guy away from a gal with dreadlocks outside of a night club in Orlando.

The ruthless rabbit then goes to town on the guy — kicking and punching him repeatedly in the noggin as onlookers laugh and cheer, the video, captured by Twitter user Lexy Jones, reveals.

“Go, Easter Bunny, go!” one bystander hollers.

A bike cop soon stepped in to break up the brawl, which unfolded near the hot spot Tier. It wasn’t immediately clear if any arrests were made.

A final shot of the Easter Bunny shows it bobbing and weaving like a boxer before doing a short celebratory dance.

The wild video had been viewed more than 1,500 times Monday. (Via NYP)