Monday, March 11, 2019

WZTV: Meet the man behind the viral mugshot known as 'Ken doll'

A man arrested at a Nashville bar is getting national attention for his incredible resemblance to Ken doll.
Julian Mitchell may be charged with identity theft, but it seems the public's interest in him, has nothing to do with his crime at all.
Mitchell wanted to try out to perform at Play Dance Club back on January 31st, when police say he got caught trying to use a stolen credit card to pay his bar tab next door at Tribe on Church Street.
His booking photo quickly became an internet sensation, as people commented on his amazing resemblance to Ken doll, a look Julian was actually going for.
"When I was in Clarksville at Club Fusion, the hostess who has been there for a while came to me and said: 'You're giving me Ken doll vibes,'" explains Julian. "Ever since then, I stuck with it, so every time I perform it's Ken doll from Nashville, Royal J Empire."
Julian says he learned how to do makeup so well from the drag queen community in Nashville, and that's not his only talent.
Entirely self-taught from watching YouTube videos, Mitchell has big dreams to move to Los Angeles and work as a professional dancer.
Mitchell will be the first to admit, his mug shot isn't his best moment.
But he says the experience has left him even more inspired to bring joy to other people by entertaining them, and to be a positive representative for the LGBTQ community.
"I want to be able to come back from this and be able to show people that you can mess up, but it doesn't give you an excuse, it doesn't give you any reason to give up."
Mitchell says he has no immediate plans to perform, he just wants to focus on getting his life on track.
His next court appearance is early March.