Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Whatever Chris Mazdzer's doing, it's working

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It’s been a few days since my shoulder was carved open and I’m really excited to start the long road to next season. I guess I completely tore my posterior and anterior labrum and have been competing this entire season as such... I knew it hurt and didn’t feel right but I guess I’m a stubborn competitor who would rather be in the game at less than 100% than not in the game at all (ultimately that bit me in the but a little bit as rehab will be even longer now 😂). But in the end, or beginning however you look at it. I have to give a huge thanks to Dr. Byrne who is our team doc and performed the operation as well as @mr.wildes @secretlifeof_walter_matty Addie, Celeste and Paul who kept me able to pull starts and compete at a high enough level to walk away with a handful of top 5 results this season despite my arm feeling like it wanted to come out of my shoulder at times. There is a huge team behind the team and the road to recovery is sure going to be a huge group effort. A huge thanks for all of the support and love I have get from my fans, you guys kick ass!!!
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