Sunday, March 3, 2019

Mug Shot Monday (continued)

Police in Florida are investigating how a 21-year-old creep allegedly hacked a female student’s nudes as part of a “sextortion” plot.
Magnus Sjoberg, who is from Norway, was arrested Monday in Tampa after he threatened to release a University of Miami student’s nude photos and videos unless she talked to him, the Miami Herald reported.
Deputies said 21-year-old Sjoberg reached out to the woman starting in May 2018 through Instagram. He allegedly sent a photo of her in a bikini with a message saying, “I have more.”
Three days later, he allegedly contacted her again. The message included topless snaps of the woman, officials said.
She didn’t respond. But then a week later he allegedly sent the woman a video of her having sex as a minor.
Sjoberg — who is a University of Tampa student — threatened her saying he would share the sex tape if she didn’t reply to him.
“I contacted the police,” the victim reportedly said. “You can go to jail for about five to 10 years for this.” (Via NYP)
The suspect promptly deleted his account, officials said.

He faces charges for suspicion of extortion, stalking and promoting sexual performance of a minor.