Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mug Shot Monday (continued)

A Pennsylvania couple’s wedding ended in a drunken brawl after the groom hit on an underage waitress — then followed the teen into a bathroom stall and groped her, according to prosecutors.
Matthew Aimers, 31, was charged Wednesday in connection to the nightmare nuptials Nov. 24 at a country club in Northampton Valley, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
Court documents detail a wedding from hell in which the groom left in handcuffs. The newlywed now faces numerous charges, including indecent assault, imprisonment of a minor and disorderly conduct.

During the reception, Aimers allegedly hit on a teen waitress and “asked her to go outside and make out,” according to an affidavit. [So romantic!]
The groom propositioned the teen by saying they could do “whatever you want,” she told police, adding that the experience had left her shaken.
The waitress said she rejected him. But he later followed her into the women’s bathroom, pulling her into a stall, where he allegedly groped her and exposed himself.

Police later responded to reports of a fight at the country club and found the groom “pushing and punching people.”
Aimers allegedly called officers derogatory names and tried to provoke a fight when they arrived on the scene.
A brief struggle ensued before police took Aimers into custody, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. (Via NYP)