Sunday, January 27, 2019

I was fired for refusing to cheat on my wife: suit

His good looks got him a pink slip.
Real estate broker Regis Roumila claims he was kicked to the curb four months into his job at Christie’s International Real Estate because he refused to cheat on his wife.
Roumila repeatedly spurned the advances of a sexually aggressive female colleague and was later terminated, he charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.
The harassment began “from the first day” the broker began working at the office, he said, accusing supervisor Sarine Atamian, 29, of trying to hug and kiss him, showering him with compliments about his looks and sartorial choices, asking him out for drinks and dinner, and staring at him “all hours of the day,” the suit says.
She demanded to “pinky swear” with Roumila “just so she could touch [his] hand,” the broker claims, and allegedly told the married Roumila “he should have a girlfriend.”
Roumila, 46, made it clear he “had no interest” and complained about Atamian’s behavior but bosses later fired him for “vague, non-specific allegations” regarding “social interactions” in the workplace that were “looked down upon at Christie’s,” court papers allege.
“Christie’s has a lot to answer for in connection with the way their organization is run and the way in which my client was treated and ultimately terminated,” Roumila’s attorney, Adam Michael Levy, told The Post. 
A Christie’s spokeswoman, who also spoke for Atamian, said the lawsuit “is without merit and we will respond accordingly. (Via NYP)

I don't know, sir. Looks like you were asking for it to me ...