Thursday, August 2, 2018

Brooklyn Decker opens up on marriage to Andy Roddick

Brooklyn Decker admits she was “naive” to marry tennis ace Andy Roddick at just 22.
The model and mom of two tells Dannijo founder Danielle Snyder on her podcast of their 2009 nuptials: “I was 22, he was 27, we were both earnest and I think naive and optimistic and us against the world. We were like, ‘We want to get married and want children and who cares,’ and we just did it.”
She added: “I don’t know that we necessarily had that base partnership that is required when you get married. We were just infatuated with each other, and fortunately we’ve built upon that infatuation.”
Today, “we are life savvy, we’re business savvy, we’re planning for the future . . . There’s an understanding now that I don’t think was there before.”
She said she’s formally changed her name to Roddick.(Via PageSix)