Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sex bomb Tuc Watkins on co-starring in "The Boys in the Band"

In February 2017 Joe Mantello approached me to do a reading of @boysbandbway I thought, “Why do you want to open the door to the attic? I want to live out and proud and progress forward.“ My knee-jerk reaction was uninformed and shortsighted. Workshopping, rehearsing, and performing this play has been inspiring, invigorating, and important to me. It has reminded me that the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities that I have as a gay man came at a price. I am standing on the shoulders of giants: the gay men and women who stood up before me so that I have the privilege to live out and proud and progress forward. We study our past to brighten our future. I’m so pleased that this week our investors reached the break even point with a month of performances still to come. I’m impressed by @mrrpmurphy David Stone, and Joe Mantello who saw that it was time to revive Mart Crowley’s seminal work. I’m further impressed by my pal @zacharyquinto and his remarks on social media about this theatrical milestone. I am indebted to him and the seven other men with whom I lock arms every night at the lip of the stage of the Booth Theatre 1h51m after the curtain rises. We have four weeks to go before closing, but it doesn’t end there. Collectively and individually we will continue to live out and proud and progress forward elsewhere. @therealjimparsons @andrewrannells @mattbomer @michaelbwashington @charliecarver @brianhutchison3 @robinofjesus
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