Thursday, July 12, 2018

Man Blows 10-Inch Penis, Sent to ER With Ruptured Airway

Gay Pop Buzz reports:

A gay man from Chicago, Illinois, has been called a “legend, a martyr, and an idol” after being hospitalized for sucking ten inch penis.

Last week, Fredy Alanis posted a selfie on Twitter with a caption that read: “Excuse the bad angle but remember when I sucked a hulk sized dick and ended up in the ER afterwards LMFAO never forget.”

His comments grabbed many people’s attention, with followers complimenting him for his hard work and then asking him questions about specifics of what happened involving an incident that took place at the beginning of January.

According to Alanis, he estimated the penis to be somewhere between 10-10.5 inches. “My poor little throat afterwards was demolished,” Alanis shared, describing how he ruptured his airway performing the BJ … although he said he “finished him off,” went home, and only realized something was seriously wrong the next morning.

When he revealed what happened to the doctors, he said the response was less than understanding: “The look of disgust I got was humiliating” he said.

Alanis provided more details of his hospital visit in an interview to Them, sharing how he was fearful of discussing what had happened because his mom drove him to ER and he had only told her he was “violently coughing.”

“Eventually, I had to tell the doctors exactly what happened to be treated the right way,” he said, adding: “The fact that it happened is insane because the doctor told me getting the airway ruptured through oral intercourse is one in millions, maybe hundred millions.”

In the Them piece, Alanis is quoted as saying his parents know he’s gay, but “they just don’t know I’m a whore”—but the young man later updated followers on Twitter that those were not his exact words.

“I just want to make it very clear that I DID NOT call myself a whore lmfao I said I didn’t tell my family about this situation because I didn’t want them to think I was a whore omfg,” he wrote.

Alanis also shared that he is still in contact with the guy and his penis. “I told him what happened and since then when we decide to hook up or whatever he is a lot less rough. He’s more cautious and aware of what he’s doing,” he told Them, saying that he’d do it again and encouraged others to do the same.

“If you wanna go for it, go for it. Do whatever you wanna do don’t be intimidated by any size. In the long run, to me, it was worth it,” he said.