Friday, June 1, 2018

Saturday 'Stache (continued)

So do you want to come to Galicia yet??? Who knew the northwest of Spain could look like this?! I'm on Islas Cíes, a national park just off the coast of the Spanish mainland city of Vigo. This is an incredible day trip of you are in the are and the weather is nice. Walk to the many lookouts, or "miradores," or visit the one of the lighthouses on the islands. Hiking trails can take around 4-5 hours if you would like to see them all, but why not do half and hang out on the beach for a well-deserved rest? Cafe located right by the boat dock if you need food or drink. And best thing yet, you can stay in tents overnight here during the summer! What are you waiting for?! #trentravels #travel #explore #discover vacation #adventure #gay #gaytravel #gaycation #instagay #spain #españa #galicia #mustache
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