Monday, June 11, 2018

Police: Man walked around Target exposing himself for $20

Richard Kuhn, 21, was charged with indecent exposure.

A man who told police his friends dared him to expose himself at a store was arrested and charged with indecent exposure on Wednesday, according to a police report.
Suspect Richard Kuhn, 21, was released Thursday on a $3,000 bond.
On May 22, three women in three separate reports told Ocala police that a man exposed himself to them at Target, 2000 SW College Road, Ocala.
The first woman said she was in the home decor section when she noticed someone behind her. She said when she looked over at the person, she saw a man’s genitals. She reported the incident to Target employees.
A second woman said she was in the cold-foods section when she turned around and saw a man exposing himself. A third woman said she was in a women’s clothing aisle when a man walked up and exposed himself. Target employees found the man and detained him until an officer arrived.
The women gave the officer a similar description.
The officers identified the suspect as Kuhn and interviewed him at the store. He told police he was at the store with friends when they told him they would give him $20 if he walked around in Target and exposed himself, according to police. He admitted walking around the building with his genitals out, according to the report.
Target officials told the officer they wanted a trespass warning against Kuhn. The officer got a warrant for Kuhn and picked him up on Wednesday on the misdemeanor charge.