Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mug Shot Monday (continued)

And I'm particularly interested in partying with Mr. Swanner.

2,500 Xanax bars seized; 4 arrests made in raid of ECU fraternity house

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) - East Carolina University's Phi Kappa Tau national organization has been shut down by its national organization after four fraternity members were charged with drug-related offenses on April 10.  
On April 10, Phi Kappa Tau was suspended by the East Carolina University for violations of university and fraternity policies on alcohol and safety.
The closure of the Gamma Eta chapter chapter was made effective Monday, with no specific date for a return to the ECU campus.

"It is very disappointing to see a chapter that has strayed from our mission of providing brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character" said Tim Hudson, chief executive officer for Phi Kappa Tau’s national organization. "We look forward to continuing our partnership with East Carolina University who is supportive of this action."
Any ECU investigations into individual behaviors will continue and are not impacted by the chapter closing.
Director of Greek Life John Mountz said that makes it the fifth ECU fraternity shut down in the last year. 
"The level of accountability from national offices for their local chapters has increased dramatically," said Mountz. "Fraternities and sororities are held to a very clear set of standards. When they don't meet those standards, those organizations are facing consequences." 
When contacted, individual fraternity members said they were advised not to talk to the media.
ECU students weighted in on the closure.
"Have plenty of friends that are in fraternities, and I don't think there is really a lot of things bad about them," said Clint Sickert, a senior. "I just think they can get caught up in the wrong things sometimes." 
"The reason they are getting kicked off isn't what Greek life is about," said Madeline McGeary, an ECU sophomore who is in Greek life. "It's about philanthropy and the social part is fun too, and I just think it is really disappointing. It puts a bad rep on Greek life."
Mounts said the chapter was on deferred suspension since the fall of 2017 due to safety and alcohol violations. 
"We are committed to having safe, strong, healthy opportunities for students to join," said Mountz. "We need to take responsibility for our chapter and for our community as well."
More than 2,500 Xanax bars were seized and four arrests have been made after a raid of ECU's Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house.
The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force conducted a search warrant at the house, located at 409 Elizabeth Street,on Tuesday.
The search warrant was the culmination of a three-week long investigation.
Beside the Xanax bars, two shotguns were seized, and police said marijuana was being sold from the home.
The fraternity has been placed on interim suspension. 
Grant Swanner, 20, faces the following charges:
  • PWISD Sch IV (3 Counts)
  • Maintain Dwelling (3 Counts)
  • Poss of alcohol underage
  • Poss of Drug paraphernalia
Nolan Leonard, 19, faces the following charges:
  • · PWISD Sch IV
  • · Maintain Dwelling
  • · Poss of up to 1/2 oz of marijuana
  • · Poss drug paraphernalia
Jordan Kowalski, 20, faces the following charges: 
  • PWISD Marijuana
  • Maintain Dwelling
William Carter, 20, faces the following charges: 
  • Poss Drug paraphernalia
  • Poss alcohol under 21
Swanner, Leonard and Kowalski are ECU students, the university confirmed. 9 On Your Side has not been able to confirm whether Carter attended ECU or not, and his photo was not available from the Pitt County Detention Center.