Thursday, March 8, 2018

Andy Favreau Plays Gay Kid's Uncle on 'Champions'

The New York Times writes: 

Mindy Kaling’s first TV show after “The Mindy Project” is “Champions,” a single-camera comedy she created with Charlie Grandy, a writer and producer for “Mindy.” Beginning on Thursday on NBC, “Champions” has the same constant ticker of references and perky zingers, as well as similar personnel: Anders Holm and Fortune Feimster are both playing versions of their “Mindy” characters.

The main difference is that rather than centering on a pop-culture-obsessed, melodramatic 30-something doctor (Mindy), it’s centered on a pop-culture-obsessed, melodramatic 15-year-old gay kid (Michael). And it works.

Ms. Kaling appears in the first two episodes of the show (three were made available to critics) as Priya, a single mom from Ohio. She has raised this theater-crazed teenager (J. J. Totah), who wants to go to a performing arts high school in New York. Luckily, that’s where his father, Vince (Mr. Holm), lives and runs a Brooklyn gym. Unluckily, they’ve never met, nor does Michael know anything about his dad. This doesn’t stop Priya from dropping off her son, though, and this being a sitcom, Vince and his roommate and brother, Matthew (Andy Favreau), turn out to be decent, mostly upstanding and generally O.K. with this arrangement.

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Matthew is Woody, a lovable dope. (In the pilot, Michael panics about what to play at his high school audition. “Brahms? Chopin? Liszt?” Matthew cheers him on: “Yeah, one more name and it is a list, you’re doing great.”)

Gay Teen Meets His Dad for the First Time in Mindy Kaling's New Sitcom, "Champions"


My friend Chad pointed out that Andy Favreau played the waiter in the father-son-grandfather love triangle (quadrangle?) on last week's "Will & Grace"!