Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#HeToo (continued)

And at the risk of losing my randy playboy image I've created here, here's how I remember it:  We had a drink -- not near the Times and I wasn't working at the Times (he got both of those wrong) and there wasn't much chemistry. He was cute but a bit of a pill -- and I think he was from the Baltics so there was a bit of a language barrier -- but it was flirtatious enough. (But mainly he was a pill.) It was raining cats and dogs and he didn't have an umbrella. So after our one drink I offered to walk him to the subway so he wouldn't get wet. As we were walking, I had my arm around his waist so we could stay close -- my umbrella was one of those tiny ones -- and after a couple of blocks I playfully lowered my hand a bit to touch his behind. (He looked good in his suit.) When we got to the station to say goodbye, he expressed his displeasure with my having done that -- I said, "Oh, sorry" -- then jumped on his Huffy and road off. It was exactly what I would have expected of him -- and I intended to never interact with him again. (This message is at least the third time he's contacted me since.)