Friday, February 1, 2013

The 50 Hottest NFL Players of All Time (continued)

26. David Anderson: This 29-year-old wide receiver from California is a free agent. Anyone interested?

27. Reggie Bush: This Miami running back doesn't have the best taste in women, but I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating Armenian.

28. Rocky Bleier: On top of the sexy 'stache, this Steelers great has an incredible story. After been seriously wounded while serving in Vietnam after his rookie year, he was told he would never compete again, Instead, he would go on to play in Pittsburgh's first four Super Bowl victories, taking home rings to go with his Purple Heart.

29. Ken O'Brien: Green really suits the former Jets QB.

30. Troy Aikman: The Dallas Cowboys superstar was always one of those guys I found simultaneously sexy and disgusting -- that huge mouth and teeth all over the place. (Did I want to kiss it or punch it?) If Troy ever decided to come out of the closet, it would be huge for us.

31. Jason Taylor: The former Dolphins star has a face for TV, which is exactly where you will find him today.

32. Rob Gronkowski: The Patriots star isn't the best-looking guy around, but he's got something about him that drives 'em wild.

33. Chris Long: This defensive end apple for the Rams doesn't fall far from the tree, and he even has a 'stache, like his dad did briefly in the early '90s!

34. Jason Witten: Can't stand the Cowboys, but this tight end works for me.

35. Rob Ninkovich: The Patriots defensive end is so versatile: He looks good with or without a beard.

36.  Dwight Clark: This former wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers still looks good today.

37. Jason Sehorn: His skill as a cornerback impressed many, but it was his turn as an underwear model for 2(x)ist that first made him a mini gay icon. 

 38. Travis Jervey: The former Packers running back was a cute guy with an incredible body. Wonder if he's still rommates with LeShon Johnson.  

39. Aaron Rodgers: The MVP Green Bay quarterback is a little bug-eyed, but in a cute way -- plus he seems like a sweet guy. The self-deprecating State Farm commercials and occasional 'stache only add to my affection.

40. Matt Leinart: There's no question this QB was a lot hotter when he was the next big thing out of USC. But I'd still scrimmage with this Trojan man.

41. Wes Welker: Not only did this spunky Patriots wide receiver hand the Super Bowl to Giants last year, he's a big supporter of Movember!

42. Tim Tebow: I'm not as infatuated with the homeless QB as my blog would indicate, but I am fascinated by his superstardom, despite any extraordinary athletic gifts.

43. Joe Theisman: The former Redskins QB is known to be a bit a prick -- I'm GLAD his prostate gives him fits -- but he was kinda hot back in the day, especially at Notre Dame.

44. Jim Everett played quarterback for the Rams when I -- and they -- lived in Los Angeles. He caught my eye on the cover of GQ, but sadly he is best remembered for not taking able to take a joke, attacking radio/TV personality Jim Rome for calling him Chris Evert.

45. Chad Pennington: The blond QB was never able to achieve much success with the Jets or Dolphins. But he reminds me of this college wrestler I hooked up with in Huntington Beach back in the early '90s, so he'll always be a star to me.

46. Alex Smith: His team is going to the Super Bowl, but unfortunately for him he won't be playing. Number 50 got his job. He can always fall back on being a Ryan Gosling impersonator ...

47. Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots has one of the best smiles in sports -- and something else looks pretty good, too.

48. Joe Montana: The Hall of Fame 49er wasn't the best-looking man alive, but I include him for spawning this Johnny Davenport lookalike son. Woof!!!!

49. Drew Brees: The Saint QB has that regular-guy quality about him that makes him sexy. Bonus points for his junior tennis career, where he defeated Andy Roddick when he was 12 ... and Andy was 9! 

50. Colin Kaepernick: You'll be seeing lots of him this Sunday: He's the quarterback for the 49ers!

Honoroable mentions:

Jim Harbaugh: Look for the former quarterback on Sunday: He's head coach for the 49ers now and is still pretty do-able.

Also considered Jordy Nelson (that's his ass at the very top of this list), the Manning brothers, Matt Flynn, Chris Kluwe, Colin McCarthy, Sam Bradford, Matt Cassel, Matt Ryan, Austin Collie, Jay Feely and Blaine Gabbert in Movember.

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